Algiz Face Mask Cover Pattern


Having to wear a face mask has, unfortunately, become our shared reality. We wanted to give you a pattern to cover the mask and make it look a bit more cheerful by using your favorite colors. Algiz Face Mask Cover Pattern is also a nice gift for any loved ones who need a pick-me-up. Nordic Yarn is not taking the situation lightly, far from it. We are a small business and the current world situation has created challenges for us like so many others. We still believe all of us need to feel positive once in a while.

Algiz Face Mask Cover Pattern is also great in cold weather! Use it to cover your face while bicycling, riding, motorcycling, etc.

Our pattern will be FREE with the purchase of discounted Eco Cashmere yarn. If you buy two balls (enough for eight (8) mask covers) or more, we'll throw in free shipping as well! It is probably the best yarn you have ever knitted with. Furthermore, it is carbon balanced and climate-smart yarn.

With our Eco Cashmere we are able to achieve a total reduction of 74% in water, 66% in energy use, and 78% in carbon dioxide. It has a 5 times lower environmental impact than a similar normal yarn.


Note: if you want to make a mask cover for a man or if you just feel you need a lightly bigger mask cover, you can add loops to the ear loops of your mask.

The symbol on the pattern, Algiz, is an old Nordic symbol for protection. In the old Northern mythology, the teachers and mentors come in many forms and often test our humility and our readiness. They require our attention and our unique ability to think for ourselves and integrate knowledge into the mix of our own associations and life experience.

It represents the courage we must exercise in order to face our fear of the unknown. This symbol was thought to give us the counter-phobic urge to move toward our fears. It would help us conquer them rather than be ruled by them.

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