Super Yak - Nordic Yarn
Super Yak - Nordic Yarn
Super Yak - Nordic Yarn

Super Yak

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This 50% Super Yak and 50% Merino Extrafine.

Yak wool has similar properties to other animal fibre, including breathability and static-resistance. In woolen garments air pockets are created between the fibre that reduce the rate of heat transfer. 

Yak  Fibre Is An Extremely Fine Fibre, Sourced From the Himalayan Region.  It Is Incredibly Warm And Contains Myristic Acid, Which Can Aid Retention Of Heat, Also Resistant to Static Electricity.  What Is More, It Boasts Anti-Microbial Properties Which Prevent Bacteria Living On Sweat, Keeping The Fabric Fresher For Longer.  Yak Fibre Is Sustainably Sourced And Offers Mongolian Nomadic Herders A Sustainable Way To Preserve Their Traditional Way Of Life.


6 (PLY)

25 grams, 58 meters

Needles 4.5 EU, 7 US