Virgin Cashmere Cordonette


We are proud to introduce a very special treat: 100% Virgin Cashmere Cordonette!

This lightweight extra soft shiny yarn in this beautiful tone is 100% cashmere and it offers fineness, sweetness, and delicateness.

We only have a small patch of 1,5kg of this precious yarn! If our Nordic Yarn family loves it as much as we do, well be sure to get more and in many many fantastic colorways.

Virgin Cashmere Cordonette Product Description 

Cordonette offers excellent quality and elegant luxury texture. The fines of the 8 threads that are spun in cable twist "cordonnette" give a sweet and soft touch that will keep you warm softly. Cordonnette is wonderful to knit with as it has no twist in it and so it runs super smooth on your needles.

This 100% cashmere fibre comes from the first shear. It has wonderful natural qualities, as the coat is thinner and softer than others. In addition, it keeps you warm on the coldest autumn and winter days.

About Cordonette

  • Each ball has 25 grams and 62 meters.
  • Its thickness is perfect to knit with the 4,5 - 6 mm knitting needles (personal preferences vary)
  • We recommend you to wash it by hand to preserve its qualities.
  • Do not dry it in the dryer.
  • We recommend you to dry it horizontally.

It is the perfect yarn to knit light and warm complements or clothes with a very special touch. 

Knit shawls, foulards, scarfs, collars, pulls, jackets and other sewing pieces.

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