Located in beautiful Finland, Nordic Yarn is a high-quality yarn brand made by two friends and driven by ecological harmony, efficient simplicity, chic minimalism and functionality without sacrificing beauty and softness.

The Nordic countries are ranked amongst the greenest in the world. Respect towards our surroundings and sustainable design is a natural part of our culture. Environmental issues are paramount in society and considerable investment in infrastructure and eco-programs provide the resources to protect the environment now and for future generations. These are the foundations on which Nordic Yarn is built.

By recycling one of the most precious fibres, we have created a luxury yarn that is both ecological and economical without sacrificing any of the renowned qualities cashmere is known for. In fact, our clients have time and again described our yarn as the best they have ever knitted with. Our carefully studied production process increases the fibers density and drastically reduces pilling.

Every year, the average western consumer throws away 35 kilograms of clothing. The fiber of the Cashmere clothing that are discarded are still usable and in good condition. We manually select the best of them and combine them with pre consumer recycled fiber and with high quality virgin cashmere fibers. By doing so we create an extremely luxurious yarn which combines highest possible quality with environment protection.

Our yarns are founded on integrating form and function, focusing on comfort and embracing the nordic philosophy of “less is more". Ever since we started working with Eco Cashmere, we’ve been committed to making the best yarn imaginable that is in sync with our values and respect for natural resources and fibers. Our customers share our passion of natural fibers and creating timeless knitwear art with the finest quality materials in the market.

We want to see you wear whatever you create for years and years and love it like when you first had it in your hands. What would be a better example of sustainable fashion?