Eco Cashmere & Sustainability

Did you know that Nordic Yarn Eco Cashmere has 5 times lower environmental impact then regular cashmere yarn?
Eco Cashmere is a circular cashmere yarn that is made with sustainable practices from the very moment of conception through the whole process. Eco Cashmere is made with 50% regenerated cashmere fibre and 50% premium quality virgin cashmere fibre.
With this production method we are able to achieve total reduction of 74% in water, 66% in energy use and 78% in carbon dioxide; a 5 times lower environmental impact than yarn made from 100% virgin cashmere.
The virgin fibre comes from direct partnerships in Mongolia with their approved de-hairers; encouraging sustainable herding and grazing practices, promote high standards of animal welfare, and work to protect this traditional way of life within nomadic communities.We buy our virgin cashmere wool from selected producers in inner and outer Mongolia. We travel frequently to see where our fiber comes from and that the animals and humans involved are fairly treated and the quality remains the top in the world.
On top of this, Eco Cashmere is dyed using non-toxic, environmentally friendly dyes, only the virgin fibre part is dyed to blend in with the shade of the reclaimed fibre. The water used during this process is cleaned and returned to nature.

Our yarns are carded. Carding is a specific way of processing fibers. The yarns are produced using virgin fibers but also reusing fibers obtained from recycling old clothing or knits, and cuttings of new fabrics used in the garment industry. The important feature of this process is that it can use short fibers and different lengths, in blends of the most variable composition. This is the difference differentiating our yarn from other type of yarn knows as worsted.

The techniques of the recycling process show our concern for the environment, respect for human resources and a tradition of skill and serious professional entrepreneurship.

What we do is collect 100% cashmere that is not being used (and has historically being thrown away), sort it by color and add it to the virgin cashmere. By doing so we create a beautiful yarn with long fibers that is lofty and has a super soft feel to hand. To help you understand the process, here are few pictures of how we create blue color yarns:

As you can see in the picture, we combine the correct amount of dark and light blue to create the exact tone of baby blue we have in our collection. We then break the fiber and combine it with the un-dyed, light colored virgin cashmere:
The recycled content helps make this cashmere less pill-prone than others (it's better then you're typical 100% virgin cashmere) so your garments and accessories still look great after years of wearing them! This is what we call sustainable fashion!
Proudly designed in Finland 🇫🇮 and crafted in Italy 🇮🇹.