Get Ready to Get Excited: Big News on the Horizon!

Hey there, yarn enthusiasts and knitting wizards!

Hold onto your needles because we've got some seriously thrilling updates coming your way from Nordic Yarn. We're practically bursting with excitement to share that we're gearing up to ship out our star player, Eco Cashmere, and the newest addition to our yarn lineup, Mericash, to knitters all around the globe!

Picture this: you're cozied up with your favorite knitting project, dreaming of the softest, most luxurious yarn to bring your creation to life. Well, guess what? Your dreams are about to come true! Our Eco Cashmere is like a hug from Mother Nature herself, made with the finest sustainably sourced cashmere fibers. So not only will your projects be unbelievably soft and snuggly, but you'll also feel good knowing you're supporting ethical and eco-friendly practices.

But wait, there's more! Drumroll, please... Introducing Mericash! It's the perfect blend of merino wool and cashmere, designed to take your knitting game to the next level. Imagine the smoothest, silkiest yarn you've ever laid your hands on, now add a dash of warmth and a whole lot of style – that's Mericash for you!

We can't thank you enough for being a part of this incredible journey with us. Your enthusiasm and support mean the world to us, and we can't wait to share the fruits of our labor with you. So, whether you're a seasoned knitting pro or just starting out, get ready to dive into a world of endless possibilities with Eco Cashmere and Mericash.

Stay tuned for all the juicy details on our official launch date and how you can get your hands on these fabulous yarns. And in the meantime, don't forget to join our newsletter and follow us on social media for sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes fun!

Get ready to knit your heart out, because the yarn of your dreams is about to become a reality. Let's make some magic, one stitch at a time!

Cheers to yarn-filled adventures ahead!

Warmest wishes,




Nordic Yarn

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