Members Knit Club

Are you an Nordic Yarn Lover?

Join our exclusive Nordic Yarn Membership program and keep yourself eco cashmerized every month! We have 100% natural, high end exclusive fibers in ever changing beautiful colors that will show up to your doorstep once a month without you having to do anything. 

By joining our Members Knit Club, you get all of this every month:

- Two balls of eco cashmere
- An exclusive pattern designed only for Eco Cashmere Lovers
- A branded eco cotton bag to store your work
- All of this in a branded box
- Delivered straight to your door

This is how it works:

- Subscribe to Eco cashmere Lovers with the form below
- You get the pack delivered to your home automatically once a month
- Your card will be charged once a month automatically
- You can cancel your prescription anytime

If you will be part of a club, join the most exclusive one available.