Cashmere Care

Here are few tips we put together for caring for your Eco Cashmere knitwear:

It takes the annual cashmere wool from 4 to 6 goats to produce the yarn needed for knitting a thin cashmere jumper.
Given the rarity of this exceptional yarn, we consider that both we as producers and you as customer have to work together to ensure your cashmere treat has a long life in optimum condition, allowing you to collect a lot of carefree memories wearing it.

No perfume

We don't recommend allowing perfume to get in direct contact with your jumper, as it may stain it.


Let it air. While cashmere loves water and washing it will make it softer and softer, We personally try to avoid unnecessary washing, as we like the initial look of the fiber. Hanging the jumper etc on the balcony, terrace (not in direct sunlight) is an easy way of refreshing your garment.

Fiber rest

Let it rest after each wear, give the fiber time to relax, to return to its initial shape. Wearing the same cashmere jumpers few days in a row is not highly recommended.

Garment steamer

If it has creases, a garment steamer is a perfect tool to give your cashmere jumper an impeccable look. You don´t need to have a professional garment steamer, the small, travel-style ones will do the job as well.

Remove stains

Remember that the chances of removing a fresh stain are a lot bigger than trying to work magic on a dry, old stain.

Stains have to be worked out locally. Depending of what caused the stains, there are various ways of taking care of it, some will disappear with just a bit of tepid water (please do not use hot water on a cashmere jumper, or it will felt), other may need a stain removing solution.

Soap & Dry Cleaning

Gale soap is a great, natural tool for removing stains, we usually use a small quantity of liquid or solid gale soap directly on the stain, lather it in, let it work for few minutes, rinse, and repeat until the stain is gone. Washing and letting the jumper dry without the stain being removed it will seal the stain in the fiber.

Dry cleaning is also a good stain removing alternative. Do not store your jumpers with stains on them.

Washing & Drying


Use only ecological, natural, lanolin free, liquid detergents especially made for the wash of wool and silk. 

Pour a bit of detergent in tepid water, mix it well, and put your jumper etc in. We prefer to turn the jumper inside out. Make sure it is fully immersed, you can gently push it under the water if necessary. Let it stay there for few minutes, depending on how dirty it is, 10 minutes should be enough in any case. Rinse it gently, and be careful with the water temperature.

We usually remove excess water by rolling the jumper in a towel, but we know a lot of people are happy with the results of using a salad spinning drainer ( remove salad first :).

Know your washing machine

While some washing machines have an excellent hand washing program, we don’t recommend your exclusive cashmere piece to be the first item to try this function on.


The cashmere fiber loves water, and a careful wash will make your jumper bloom. But there are few rules to observe for a successful cashmere wash:

Drying it

Re-shape your jumper on a flat surface, like a towel, and lay flat to dry. Avoid prolonged direct sunlight or placing the jumper close to a direct source of heat.

Cashmere jumpers do not dry fast, so don´t worry if it takes some time

Ironing it

You can Iron with caution, using a tea towel over it, and with steam. We find that the garment steamers are great for removing regular creases from the cashmere jumpers. As a travel tip, if you don’t have an iron or a steamer around you, leaving your jumper on a hanger on a bathroom door, for example while you take a hot shower, also helps, the steam will have a similar effect.  The rule about not allowing hot water to be in contact with your jumper is still valid, is just the steam you are after.

Removing pilling

Pilling is a normal occurrence in a cashmere jumper. Depending on how tightly your jumper etc is knitted, and how you use it, some will pill faster, some slower, but pilling is to be expected. Luckily our Eco Cashmere hardly pill's compared to many other cashmere and cashmere mixture yarns so you are in luck.

The good news is that removing pilling is very easy and will not affect the look of your jumper. Try a cashmere comb if you feel like you need one. We don’t recommend the use of household tools, like razors or Velcro stripes, etc.

If is the first time you use a cashmere comb, is probably easier to watch a quick tutorial on the web.

Enjoy your Eco Cashmere and if you have any questions or comments, we are always listening at