Objective Reviews

We conducted a survey and asked some of our customers "What do you like most about our yarn products"? 

"Very soft and easy to knit with"

"I like the softness and sustainability. I'm glad to see more colors now!"

"The price to quality ratio is undeniable. I practically save money when I knit with Eco Cashmere"

"I love the feel and weight of your yarn. The colors are stunning and everything I have ever made has turned out just delicious!"

"Quality and excellent service."

"The softness and the quality of your yarn. I can trust that the yarn will not be knotted or will not break when I knit it."

"Soft, strong, does not pill when worn. Wonderful to work with and even better to wear!"

"I love your cashmere. I buy a lot of cashmere and I find yours quite soft and the price is not unreasonable for what you get. Although I love classic colors, I would like to see a hot pink and a lime green."

"I liked your reliability and honesty and the quality of your products."

"The Cashmere yarn is both soft and warm to wear. Lovely to work with. I'd love to see more colours and any cashmere mixes."

"I love that it is mostly recycled and that is is soft and luxurious".


How likely you are to recommend our products?


"I would recommend your yarn to anyone without hesitation."

"I am very likely to recommend your beautiful yarns."

"I'd recommend it. The yarn is soft and I love to knit with it, patterns are gorgeous."


"Actually I have recommended in Ravelry's forums."

"100% am happy to recommend your yarn! I have always been very pleased with my experience online and when receiving my orders."

"Very likely. Your service is excellent and the Eco Cashmere is a wonderful product as a reasonable price."

"Very likely. I like the way you advertise your yarn. However, you could suggest what type of yarn is most suited for kids and men."

"Very likely, I always do for cashmere."